Independent business law firm

Lyrès is the privileged partner of companies


Lyrès assists a diversified clientele comprised mainly of large French and international groups, French small / mid-cap companies and their managers.

Lyrès advises and assists its clients in their day-to-day issues relating to corporate law as well as in the conducting of all their structuring operations in company law and M&A, in particular in matters of governance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance operations, reorganization and incentives for managers and employees.

Lyrès has developed a close relationship with its clients, the latter operating in various business sectors (financial services, energy, real estate, hotels, new technologies, logistics, etc.).

The team is led by Virginie Gaubert-Ravoire, having twenty years of experience in corporate law and M&A.


Sharing the same entrepreneurial DNA as its clients, Lyrès establishes its approach on the search for concrete solutions based on in-depth knowledge of the activities and business challenges of its clients.

Lyrès places at the heart of its project humanity, reactivity, as well as trust both within the team and with its clients.

Convinced that the quality of the interactions and working environment plays an essential role in the excellence of the advice given, Lyrès naturally favors a one-on-one approach with its clients and developing lasting relationships with them.

Our values

The art of listening

Aware that each file has its specificities, we are at your disposal to provide you with tailor-made solutions adapted to your concerns.

Cohesion & humanity

Convinced of the strength of collective intelligence, Virginie Gaubert-Ravoire places trust and cohesion within the team at the heart of Lyrès’ values.


Decidedly dealmaker, and in favor of balanced solutions, we nevertheless know how to show pugnacity in the defense of your interests and the success of your projects.


Because this is part of our DNA, we work on each transaction with rigor and precision and provide you with our expertise acquired in leading international firms.


Lyrès assists a diversified clientele comprised mainly of large French and international groups, French small / mid-cap companies and their managers, as well as individual entrepreneurs.

The firm offers its assistance on all corporate issues (in particular day-to-day corporate aspects) but also acts as an advisor on all operations structuring the life of a company (transfers, acquisitions, external growth, reorganizations).

Thanks to its founder Virginie Gaubert-Ravoire, Lyrès has developed close relationships with “best friend” law firms that share its entrepreneurial DNA and which are recognized for the quality of their services.

Our partner firms, based in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and South East Asia, have in-depth knowledge of the legal, economic and cultural issues of the countries in which they operate. They represent real assets in order to successfully carry out the international projects of Lyrès’ clients.